Clinical Care Paths. Online.

Develop unique and effective evidence-based care paths collaboratively with the rest of the medical community.

Dorsata is the single platform for the creation, distribution, and implementation of clinical knowledge.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when building patient treatment plans.  There is substantial variation in many details of what are considered best practices in pathway-scripted diagnosis and care.  Many published pathways and pathway systems are ignored. 

Dorsata allows clinics to develop and distribute protocols within their institutions.

Published pathways and supporting data are difficult to access at points of care even though use of pathways is known to reduce costs and improve quality of care.  Once pathways are developed, clinical staff still must be trained in the new process.

Dorsata drives efficiency and effectiveness by providing a simple, collaborative interface for the creation and implementation of pathways directly to clinicians and support staff.

Similar to PowerPoint and whiteboards, pathway building in Dorsata happens visually with added capabilities to attach references, documents, educational videos, images, and other supplemental content.

Additionally, collaborative discussions are organized by topic, facilitating efficient communication among stakeholders.

Users can organize themselves into small working groups and institutional networks.  Through these features, organizations can develop diagnostic and treatment protocols tailored to their available resources and unique patient populations.

All algorithms are stored as part of a scalable relational data, allowing customization of shared protocols and presenting opportunities for API access to third party developers.

We believe...

Care worth providing is worth measuring.

Achieving consensus through free and open discussion of diverse ideas.

The practice of medicine is an art based on science.

In open access to the information needed to care for others.

Data is only as meaningful as the system in which it is created.

In creating a marketplace for effective models of healthcare delivery.