A Better View to Your EMR

Dorsata sits on top of your current EMR and reframes its "one-size-fits all" interface into an encounter-specific experience that streamlines your workflow and documentation.

Spend Less Time Documenting
& More Time With Your Family.

Dorsata gives healthcare providers the tools to streamline the way they document their encounters. Clinicians can quickly build and modify encounter‑specific workflows that facilitate robust, accurate documentation (without all the tediousness), guide decision‑making (without being patronizing or interruptive), and automate order‑entry (without all the dropdowns and clicking). The result? Less time clicking around your EMR and more consistent, clinically relevant, and billing‑friendly notes.


An Interface That Thinks Like You Do.

Dorsata is able to surface key patient data, hide unnecessary fields, and frame the decision‑making process to drive faster, more accurate documentation. We do this by enabling clinicians to transform care pathways into visual workflow experiences that we call EncounterFlows™.


Touch-friendly documentation.

Unlike your EMR, Dorsata EncounterFlows™ are engineered from the ground up for touch interaction. EncounterFlows™ make it possible to document in the exam room without losing focus on your patient


Truly Customizable To Fit The Way You Practice.

Usually an EMR interface change means contacting the vendor and waiting several months. With Dorsata, your team can make the same change, test and deploy in a matter of days. Dorsata EncounterFlows™ leverage visual "storyboarding" technology that allows you to define your steps and methodologies without learning complex EMR‑programming.

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